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Karen Wollgast

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A long time instructor Karen, has been involved in wellness and fitness for over 20 years.  She has taught and trained in a myraid of modalities throughout that time.  Karen is an Ace certified professional  and certified Yoga instructor.  Her classes and personal training sessions focus on range of motion, body awareness, alignment, strength and stabiliy for sustainable movement to keep participants doing the things they love to do.  Karen’s classes are self paced and suited for all types of participants who want a safe challenge and are able to continue to master movements, explore boundaries and tap into their bodies full potential.

Karen loves nature and being outdoors, hiking, beachcombing, gardening, sking and being on the water.  She also enjoys music and dance and spending time with her children, family and friends.  Karen is a native Washingtonian and has been a long time resident of West Seattle. She recently made the leap across the sound to Vashon Island.  Although she loves to travel, she can't think of a more beautiful place to call home.  

Kelly Macomber Straight


Our bodies are amazing and their desire is for balance and adapting to the life we live in them. 

Whether you are a hard core athlete, endurance junkie, like to dig in the dirt… I’ve done and seen it all!

My hope is that we can figure out together how to support your physical, emotional and mental being for optimal living; being able to do those activities you love to do with joy and ease.

Many of us have had major surgery, autoimmune diseases, a lifestyle of stress; things that have slowed us down.  We’ll look into your past to build you to a place where you feel capable again. 

My background comes from a life of sports, coaching, constant learning thru research and continuing education courses.  I am a Certified Personal Trainer, Spin Instructor, ViPR Instructor and have over 30 years experience working with podiatrists, autoimmune specialists and other professionals, where I have gleaned a lifetime of knowledge to bring to my training. 

Some of my cecs are listed here:
Postural Restoration, PRI

  • Myokinematic
    Restoration, PRI

  • Pelvis
    Restoration, PRI

  • PRI Integration
    for Fitness and Movement

  • Cervical
    Revolution, PRI

  • TRX

  • Pre and Post

  • Active Older

  • Balance

  • Muscle Adaption

  • Shoe fit/Gait

  • Soccer Sport

  • Tennis Sport Training

  • Basketball Sport

  • Plyometrics

  • Nutritionist

  • Sport Rehab

  • Universal Life

Private Training is at the Vashon Recess Lab or for a small fee at your place of choice.

Let us help you realize your potential and learn to move as efficiently as possible for optimal mobility.

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*Bartering and financial hardship discounts considered