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Straight on Strength. Becoming a stronger you everyday.

To have a well rounded program design we need to consider all aspects of health.

We need to eat well, get enough water, manage our stress, get enough rest and move our bodies in a variety of ways. 

Eating well means staying away from processed foods as much as possible, eating a variety of veggies, fruits,  getting enough protein, good fat and staying adequately hydrated.

Managing stress is vital to good health.  Exercise, meditation, mindful practices like tai chi, yoga, qigong,  gardening, painting, drawing, writing, whatever it is that makes breath flow and your mind and body relax!

Get enough sleep, take a nap if you have 10 extra minutes mid day. 

I am a firm believer in cross training as many of you know.

The body needs variables in movement patterns, and load to build a good strong foundation and full body efficiency.  

In future articles, I will discuss exactly what that looks like but for now we will look at where we need to and how we need to train.

Below is the basic modalities of exercise.

What we are looking for is a balance in all four of these areas:

 Classic Resistance Training

Multidirectional/planar Loaded Movement

                             Unloaded Linear Conditioning                              

Unloaded Multidirectional Movement

To Be Continued....